Tires Available at John’s Omni Auto Service

John’s Omni Auto offers the Coulee Region’s largest selection of tires at great prices. As a Mr. Tire Outlet we carry all major tire lines for you to choose from. We like to say that our tires are always on sale because we offer the best prices out there. Don’t believe us? We invite you to shop around and see for yourself!

Our Tire Size Finder tool feature only needs the make, model and year of your vehicle to show you the desired style and exact size of tires for your vehicle. Customers can search through top tire brands, like tires from Goodyear, Firestone, and Mastercraft.
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It’s common knowledge that properly inflated tires last longer and deliver better mileage than when under inflated. Most importantly, properly inflated tires are safer for drivers and their occupants. Less well known, however, is that tires filled with at least 92% pure nitrogen will remain properly inflated for a much longer period of time than those filled with regular air. And because nitrogen is an inert gas, it does not promote corrosion as does oxygen. So over time, there is far less deterioration of rubber and accumulation of oxidation on tire rims and valve stems.

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Tire Rims at John’s Omni Auto

Customize your ride! John’s Omni Auto has access to ANY style rim you are looking for.

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